About Us

Upstate Spine & Wellness,

Founded by Dr. Wayne Laney, stands as a pillar of relief and hope for individuals grappling with chronic pain and complex health conditions. The inception of Dr. Laney’s career in chiropractic care wasn’t driven by a long-held professional ambition, but rather through a personal journey marked by adversity and recovery. Following a severe car accident that left his fiancée with life-altering injuries and chronic pain, the couple found solace and significant improvement through chiropractic treatment provided by Dr. Laney’s uncle. This profound experience propelled Dr. Laney towards a career in chiropractic care, determined to offer others the same opportunity for healing and relief.

At Upstate Spine & Wellness, Dr. Laney, alongside Dr. Sean Bitner, DC, focuses on the Atlas Orthogonal technique—a specialized, non-forceful approach to chiropractic care. This method emphasizes precise spinal adjustments, utilizing a table-mounted instrument for accurate, gentle corrections without the need for medication or invasive procedures. Their expertise in this niche area of chiropractic care has enabled them to address and significantly improve a wide array of conditions, from severe nervous system imbalances to persistent neck and back pain, transforming the lives of their patients.

With over sixty years of dedicated practice, particularly in Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic, Dr. Laney has achieved his vision of helping individuals reclaim their lives from the grip of chronic pain. Together with Dr. Bitner, Upstate Spine & Wellness has cemented its reputation as a premier center for chiropractic excellence, embodying a commitment to patient-centered care, innovative treatment methodologies, and the holistic restoration of health and vitality.